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General conditions of ILAB Academy

I. Inscription (place reservation, course fee and registration)

The student can fill out the form provided by ILAB Academy on the website www.ilab-edu.com with all their personal data, as well as the full name of the course they want to take and additional services if needed.

Booking is possible with a place available.

A student is to choose the type of course, the level and the hours that suit them better after doing the level test.

To reserve a place, a payment of 200 Euros is required. In case the price for the course is less than 200 Euros, the complete payment must be made.

The confirmation of the payments will be sent by e-mail.

The rest of the payment must be carried out before the course starts, or on the first day of the course at the latest.

At the beginning of the course, the student pays 55 Euros in tuition fees, which is paid once and is non-refundable.

Books and other materials are not included in the price.

All derived costs (bank transfer, currency conversion, etc.) will be charged to the student.

II. Work organization at ILAB Academy, schedules and school days

Start of the courses:

Classes are held from Monday to Friday. In case of a public holiday (according to the official calendar of holidays), no class will be held, recuperated or refunded, except for the private classes, that are to be recuperated on another day.

Before planning your trip to Spain, check the official calendar of holidays.

Courses will start every Monday of the year as long as the group has a minimum of 5 students. In case Monday is a holiday, the course will begin on the next business day.

Generally, students will start their classes on the first day of the course, although, exceptionally, they can be incorporated into courses already initiated.

To register for a course already initiated a level test should be done.

Level test:

It is free, it determines the level of the student and it is obligatory (unless the student is a beginner).

Number of students in a class:

All classes consist of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 students, except for the “Culture” classes, with a maximum of 15 students.

In case a group does not achieve the above specified minimum, the Academy reserves the right to cancel the course and move the students to other courses.


It is mandatory that a student has textbooks appropriate to their level. These books can be purchased at the academy or at specialized bookstores.

Changes in the schedule and level of the course:

A student can change the schedule of the course only once per term, provided a place is available at the same level and in the same type of course. In case there is no space available, the change of schedule cannot be carried out. To change levels during the course, a student must undertake an exam to confirm their current level.


If for any reason the student does not attend classes, no sum will be refunded and no class will be shifted to another date.

Attendance certificates will be given only for those classes a student has attended.


After finishing any course the student is to undertake a final exam, which can be taken one week before the official date if a valid reason is provided. In no case may the exam be passed after the official date.

To pass the level, it is mandatory to pass the final exam. The following level will depend on the final grade.

Three-month courses will have a mid-course control.

Graduation certificates:

To obtain the certificate, students must take a final exam on the official date. In case of failure to pass such exam, a student will receive a certificate on having taken this course but with no final grades and level data provided.

ILAB Academy provides a student with the certificate upon completion of each course or sends it via e-mail a few weeks after its completion.

Other conditions:

The schedule will be determined by the Academy as well as the activities to be performed during the course. Such activities may vary according to availability, weather conditions or the number of students.

ILAB Academy reserves the right to change schedules in case the number of students is less than 5 on a given course.

ILAB Academy does not guarantee the same schedule during all the terms. The data about the schedule for the following course will be available on finishing the previous one.

III. Accommodation

A student is welcomed to learn all the data regarding the types of accommodation available on the website as well as at the reception desk of the Academy.

IV. Travel information

Transfer to airport:

Students must inform ILAB Academy of departure and arrival schedules well in advance to secure transfers. In case the information is not provided in less than 2 days, or is incorrect, the Academy is not responsible for non-availability of the transfer.

Visas to Spain:

The citizens of countries that belong to the European Union do not need visas to enter Spain.

Students from other countries should obtain information on the requirements for the visa at the nearest Spanish consulate.

In case a student needs a visa to enter Spain and the letter of acceptance is mandatory, it will only be provided when the course is fully paid. Should the visa be denied, as long as a copy of the denegation letter is provided, the Academy will refund the cost of the course with the exception of the reservation fee and the cost of the bank transfer.

V. Cancellation/change of courses

All students that wish to cancel their program before their arrival should notify ILAB Academy by letter or by e-mail (hola@ilab-edu.com) at least 14 days before the course starts. The amount of the reservation fee will not be refunded.

Any cancellation not received through these means or after the above specified term will not be accepted.

Once the course starts, no cancellations will be accepted, with the exception of long term courses (minimum 12 weeks) that, upon request by the student and subsequent assessment of the management team, the rest of the course will be refunded, except for the cost of 4 weeks of the chosen program and the reservation fee.

All refunds will be made through bank transfer minus any expenses for the bank operations.

Interruption of the course:

In case a student has not attended classes for more than 3 weeks and wants to rejoin his group, a test must be performed to assess whether their level corresponds to the one reached by the group during this period. In case their level is lower, ILAB Academy can incorporate them in another course that suits their level. Missed classes cannot be shifted to another date and no payment will be refunded.

In case the course is abandoned once started without a warning, it won't be postponed or refunded, and it cannot be transferred to another person. ILAB Academy is not responsible for cancellations due to health or personal problems.


ILAB Academy reserves the right of admission.

The student accepts the rules and regulations of the Academy published on the website www.ilab-academy.com. In case the student is not familiar with these rules and regulations, they are to read them.

ILAB Academy administrations is not required to inform students verbally, or in writing, of any changes to these General Conditions. All necessary information is posted on the Web site or at the reception of the Academy.

At the time of signing the registration form and payment of reservation, the student accepts all the conditions described above.

Company name:


Location of the ILAB Academy:

Carrer de Balmes, 21, 08007 Barcelona, ​​Spain

+34 937 494 059