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Live and Learn in Barcelona

Studying in Barcelona – the opportunity dreamed of by millions of people

Is it possible to combine business and pleasure? Of course you can, if it comes to learning in Barcelona - the city with unique architecture, incredible traditions, first-class cuisine, a mild climate and friendly people.

Studying in Barcelona will give you an opportunity to discover a city of dreams, a city of hopes and to realize a unique chance of getting a European higher education.

In ILAB Academy, located in the heart of Barcelona, we propose a wide educational program combined with cultural activities.

We offer language and further education courses of different duration, which are designed for students of all levels. We also provide university access preparation courses, including courses for foreigners.

Studying at ILAB Academy will give you the possibility of exploring Barcelona, its traditions, the mentality of the autochthonous, and its architectural and historical monuments in your free time. Studying in Barcelona is a unique opportunity to make new friends from all over the globe.