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What does Barcelona mean for students?


Barcelona is the second most populated city of Spain. It is the capital of culture, architecture and entertainment. The picturesque corners of the city, its medieval architecture and numerous monuments of antiquity store a history dating back several thousand years.

Barcelona ─ a city with unique style, where different styles are intertwined: from Gothic to Art Nouveau, with an active day and nightlife that attracts travelers from all over the world.


Barcelona is not only interesting from a touristic point of view, it is a unique opportunity to become a Spanish student and get a European education. Who could refuse to become a small part of the city, and live in Barcelona, not for a couple of days but for a few months, or even years?

The attraction of local education remains in our useful activities organized from a cognitive point of view, such as excursions that help to learn the language quickly by total immersion in the city, understanding the local mentality and getting comfortable in the country.

A higher education institution is important, however is also as enriching, a specialized training centers where quality of teaching is equal to universities, and even in some aspects surpass them.

In ILAB Academy, classes are held by a highly qualified professional team with extensive experience in the use of the most effective and proven methods of instruction that meet the educational standards of the European Union. Our teachers are committed to developing all your potential in language learning.


Spanish, by number of speakers, is the second most spoken language in the world after English. It is spoken in twenty-one countries with more than five hundred million speakers in the world!

The most difficult thing for a foreigner who comes to Spain is the language barrier. To become part of Spanish society, to be able to communicate without any problems, to find friends and potential business partners, you need to learn the language. Coming to Barcelona is the best way to learn the Spanish language and about the culture!

Spanish education is recognized all over the world. All the diplomas that students receive after high school or business schools are recognized in the forty-five countries of the world! In Barcelona there are about two hundred thousand students which is one of the highest rates in Europe.

In ILAB Academy, students can learn Spanish but we also offer a wide range of programs, such as language courses in Catalan, English, German, French, Russian and Chinese, courses for success, courses to enroll in Spanish universities and other courses which help students to achieve better performance.

Our program combines the courses with cultural and educational activities.

Come and join us!

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