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A confident step towards success

Cultural events, plenty of positive emotions, cognitive communication and meeting new people. That is all you get in ILAB Academy. All educational programs are designed to make students evolved intellectually and spiritually.

ILAB Academy opened its door to Barcelona in July 2013. The Academy is located in the heart of city center on Balmes street, 21, near Plaza Catalunya, next to The University of Barcelona. This is an area considered one of the most dynamic, young and popular for local people and tourists. It is a neighborhood of a high cultural and touristic interest with a well developed commercial network and a wonderful transport infrastructure.

What is attractive for students from ILAB Academy?

ILAB Academy offers four basic types of educational services:

Learning foreign languages

Teaching Spanish and Catalan as a foreign languages is designed for foreign students who want to integrate themselves into Spanish or Catalan culture. Besides, ILAB Academy also offers courses of English, French, German, Russian and Chinese languages.

There is many choices of language courses. The student has the opportunity to enroll in group courses, individual lessons, or courses to prepare for official exams as DELE – for Spanish, IELTS – for English and TestDaF – for the German language.

For foreign students, we also provide a picking up service at the airport of Barcelona, different accommodation options, as well as guided tours all over the city.

Tutoring courses

Be efficient when you study. You don't need to engage many hour every day, the main thing in the tuition – to make best use of the time allotted to learning. Here, we provide you an adequate surroundings to study. Also, our teachers team is ready to help you, by showing you the latest training techniques to obtain desired academic results.

This courses are thought for the whole academic year. It is offer as a support to the official educative program of primary, high school, formative degrees.

Training courses

Get ready for your future. Train yourself to overcome the official exams to access to the formation degree you want. We will help you to be prepare and succeed in.

Business courses

ILAB Academy have at your disposal differents programs for the development of learning abilities in order to get the higher performance of each pupil, in a educational or professional level. That is why we count with an expert team that will help you to find whatever best suits your needs.


ILAB Academy count with a professional team highly qualified, with pedagogic experience. In all the courses we use the most efficient educational methods. The study program of ILAB Academy is set up with the rules and the level of the European Union.

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